July 26, 2006

jun 06 - 06

[220606] dinner at Liang Court Tampopo with e 2 Ks, former SPS 'room mate' Eff-neee & NYL - SPS 98/99 & 99/00:


Jimmy Liao's 《遗失了一只猫》 Missing My Cat & 《微笑的鱼》 A Fish With A Smile for e 230606 birthday of one of e 2 Ks:

got them more than a month ago after viewing e fiction@love exhibition at e Singapore Art Museum, where she fell in love with e smiling fish.

& then we were off to 72-13 along a rather quiet (world cup soccer season) Mohd Sultan Road to catch Play On Earth by Theatreworks....

interior wall of 72-13:


think this face is beautiful....each & every line has its story to tell - it is so much more than just a face =)

Play On Earth:


e concept just blows your mind....3 groups of actors from different theatre companies staging simultaneous performances in 3 venues on 3 different continents across e globe, connected by internet video links in real-time (plus a bit of connection lag). there was a large screen above e stage, split into 3 sections, one per continent, & a whole row of desks full of monitors & CPUs & more wires & cables than e mountain of spaghetti one would find in an Italian restaurant.

before e play started, e cameras were trained on e audiences & people who'd just had dinner in Singapore, lunch in UK, or breakfast in Brazil watched themselves on their respective sections of e screen, & had fun waving to e others on e other 2 sections & watching them wave back - everyone was visible to everyone else across e different timezones =)

each of e 3 different casts comprised of a lady in red, a man wearing a yellow soccer jersey shirt, & a second man dressed more formally, with e latter two fighting over e lady. plot-wise, nothing to shout about. at one point e 3 different casts even 'exchanged' languages, with e UK actors breaking out in Cantonese so mangled it had e Singaporean audience roaring in stitches =P

e amazing part was how certain scenes were coordinated....in a fight that appeared to transcend past, present & future, a punch thrown by yellow jersey man in one country landed on e other guy - in a different continent & timezone =P in another scene, e 3 groups of actors appeared to be seated together at e same table - made up of e 3 sections of e screen each displaying one third of e table at each venue....& a character in e middle section (UK) reached beneath to pick up a bottle of wine placed on e floor by e Singaporean lady at e left section, & poured himself some before placing it down again, to be picked up by a Brazilian seated at e right end....let's drink together, 4/7/11 hours apart =)

The Pier @ Robertson (left) & Double O (right) along Mohd Sultan Road:

P6220116 P6220117

Robertson Walk - one of e cat's favourite projects along this road:


foreign workers watching World Cup soccer:


no cover charge for sitting on e grass verge - happy that no one chased them away =)

[230606] from Three Teachings by Ven. Tenzin Palmo:

The whole of our Dharma practice is to reduce our Ego, not to increase it....it is not good to become a professional Dharma person, making sure that everybody sees we are very spiritual, we are such good vegetarians, we never smoke, we don't go to karaoke bars, we are not like those worldly people. we are professional spiritual people. we are very pleased with ourselves.

of course e Ego loves this. Ego really pets itself. 'look at me, i'm such a superior person to these deluded people around me, i'm so much more disciplined. i'm so much more ontrolled.'

....we have to be careful that in e Dharma practice our intention is quite pure. because our delusion & our tricky Ego can end up actually reinforcing e very problems which we are trying to eradicate. it just becomes another way for e Ego to sit back & feel very good.

....Singaporeans feel they must always be achieving. 'i must achieve something, i'm going to get something out of it in this retreat....got to do it.' that is very counter-productive . it just creates more tension in e mind, more stress. these qualities of mind of wanting to achieve, of wanting to get something, are tremendous barriers in themselves....

....we are not taking a business attitude into e Dharma realms. e whole idea of achievement is Ego, & we are trying to drop all that. 'i did a hundred million mantras, they did only ten.' we are back again to this quantity issue of 'i did this much, i accomplished that much.'

[230606] belated, from Pig-pig:


given at Ajitei on 010606.

from Action City:


[260606] found outside MPSH1:


more on this yellow-vented bulbul chick: part 1, part 2 & part 3.

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