May 24, 2006

may 06 - part 3

[110506] essential brew @ holland V with SPS kids - soonpei, aidah e former Ip-let, arnis+silat guy, shrutik, e one known to seniors as e dancer, gf of 'brain cramps' guy, LKY's wife & a la ric....nice baby potatoes rosted with rosemary & garlic =) can't recall when/where e cat was first fed this....

agenda for e night was to get LKY's wife drunk before their customary wedding, hence e trip to HV Cold Storage for vodka & cranberry juice & e rush to get to shrutik's place - in CCK (??!! so e cat had to give it a miss....) - & no time to try any of e green tea desserts that e cat had been so looking forward to =| NEXT TIME!!

[120506] to find out more about this architect:

yoshimura junzo

somehow e setting of this house brings to mind Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater....

e purple bird that fell out of e tree above e phone booth along East Coast Road:


tropical hanami @ East Coast Road:


double yellow lines are like neverending equal signs....

from Kuan's HK trip - 10-Q =)


food republic @ Wisma with e 2 Ks....great paad3 thai1 from Waan Waan (lit. sweet sweet) Thai Restaurant....bus ride with 2 ang moh ladies & 1 ill-fated handbag-loving green SAM for fiction@love....suntec Carl's Jnr....suntec royce....candy empire @ millenia walk....azabu sabo @ marina sq, where e machine for making hokkaido soft ice cream was out of order = no matcha milkshake!! cats are not fated to have matcha desserts this weekend....talked about moving out to stay 2 years' time? cat has lived in SPS with one of e Ks before....

[170506] to celebrate good news today:

Jimmy Liao's 《遗失了一只猫》 Missing My Cat & 《微笑的鱼》 A Fish With A Smile from Kinokuniya =)


more Jimmy Liao: 《地下铁》 Sound of Colours & 《向左走.向右走》
Turn Left Turn Right from library@orchard. both inspired movies of e same names, but e cat obviously has not watched either of them.

Jimmy's books are inspired by Wislawa Szymborska's poetry, & his illustrations are beautiful =))


Peoples of e Golden Triangle from library@orchard - one of research team's references for a.w.e. 2004 expedition, & probably one of e most comprehensive on hilltribes in that area. one day when e cat is feeling really rich it will get its own copy of this super-ex (>2000 baht!!) book from one of e Asia Books stores in Bangkok, or King Power duty free in Don Muang (or Suvarnabhumi?) airport. & maybe even a copy of Jim Goodman's Akha: Guardians of e Forest....

it was a wonderfully surreal feeling flipping through with e Ban Apa villagers a 'kena Queensway-ed' copy of Guardians of e Forest - what is probably e most detailed documentation of their own tribe's culture. e English text made no sense, but e pictures spoke directly to them. they were pointing excitedly at photos of Akha from other parts of Thailand, China, Laos & Burma & passing remarks about e similarities & differences in e details of their costumes, accessories, jewellery, tools, religious items/symbols, ceremonies, houses, etc. very much like flipping through a hilltribe fashion & lifestyle magazine to keep abreast of e 'trends' that their distant relatives in other parts of e world have evolved....

& to landless people whom no government wants to have anything to do with, who have repeatedly uprooted themselves for survival, who have been ridiculed for being backward & behind time, whose younger generations feel ashamed of their origins, to see a book written on them by someone who actually respects their culture & cumulative wisdom....we do mean something to people out there?

think e 2 pirated copies of Guardians of e Forest were e most meaningful things that e research team brought on e expedition =)


matcha monaka from Isetan Lido basement supermarket

a very happy day =))

[190506] for those who are bored of e usual white & pink:

black, red & yellow toilet paper

circular kitchen reminds e cat of e circular coin-operated public loo in San Francisco =P - some interesting ideas....cats just love looking at good design =)

was reminded today that ~2 years ago, e year when all of us from 96 batch were celebrating our quarter century birthdays, a call from MWN received while in e microscope room of e old building confirmed that it was indeed that schoolmate whose plane had crashed into e mountainside. & e cat was a little how pages/calls like that don't seem to freak it out....has stuff like that happened too many times? wonder if there is such a thing as being 'too calm', & if so, is that necessarily a negative thing?

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