September 20, 2006


somehow inclined to believe that e most revered one has spoken volumes by simply not saying anything (at least publicly)....

to wonder about:

from a post on Paknam Web forum:

I remember Thaksin speaking on national TV, stating that the King had advised him to: 1. listen to advise from other people and 2. not get a "swell head". During the mass demonstrations against him this spring, Thaksin said he would not step down - unless the King "whispered something in his ear".

The King did something interesting some months ago: Ordering all the major TV stations to rerun the famous video clip from 1992 in which he publicly scolds the then prime minister and the then military chief following the bloody response of the government to the student rebellion. (This is the clip in which the two leaders had to crawl on all fours across the carpet leading to the Throne. Both leaders resigned immediately after he broadcast, efficiently ending the violence)

As Thaksin did not take this "hint" from the palace, he was later invited to the King's summer residence in Hua Hin. On his return, a crying Thaksin announced that we would resign as prime minister.

Still, he kept clinging on, and on some occasions proclaimed that there was a major, non-democratic force that wanted to oust him from power. Several commentators assumed that he was referring to the King.

Now, after first giving a polite hint and then telling him in clear words to step down, the next logical step would be to remove Thaksin by force.

I have tremendous respect for King Bhumibol, seeing what he has done for his people and seeing how he always collects information before he acts politically, I can only conclude that if he supports this coup, it's for a very good reason, and one that will benefit the Thai people in the long run.

& post #103 on The Nation forum:

Perhaps it was the right thing to coup the country.

Definitely it was all pre-arranged and realising this is of outmost importance!

His majesty the King knew.

All major police officers knew.

All major military officers knew.

All influential politicians knew.

I wouldn't be amazed if Thaksin himself knew.

Some deal was struck, definitely. This is the harmony and balance of Thailand and the basis for the Thai society. We need to understand that there is a script behind all of this. And then acceptance becomes more acceptable.

What can change the script then?

Only an upheaval from the people of Thailand, but will there be an upheaval?

Time will show... but my best guess is that the people of Thailand will also understand that it was all prearranged.

Since everybody wants wants peace and harmony there will be only acceptance.

The dangerous part is that coups can cause precedence and be an endless circle, but that is quite the way of the teaching of Buddha isn't it?

tiny planet indeed - e one sitting next to e cat at work has a Thai friend who was leading e anti-Thaksin protests in New York....!

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