September 15, 2006

cat feeders & dog owners

a letter from e Voices section of today's TODAY:

Thank you Daniel Toh Yong Tat ("Calling all residents …", Sept 14) and brother for feeding the stray cat Garfield for the past two years.

But while the community works together to look for the "cat murderer", they could perhaps also help to clean up the excrement left by the stays[sic] and the leftover food from the cat-feeders.

While patrolling the area, you may also like to do the community a service by picking up the poo left behind by dog-owners who do not clean up after their pets, in consideration of those of us who are joggers.

Let us be considerate of one another.

John Ang

John Ang could also be considerate & help pick up poo left behind by dog owners who do not clean up after their pets? joggers should also be capable of doing community service, right? ;) since when were cat feeders e servants of joggers? why not write a letter asking irresponsible dog owners to clean up after their pets? *scratch head*

there are responsible cat feeders who use food containers & wait for strays to finish eating in order to clear up after them, & get them sterilised so that their numbers don't grow. some even feed past midnight so as not to bother other residents. & there are responsible dog owners who clean up after those creatures-who-dunno-how-to-bury-their-own-poo. & e fact that these considerate ones do their best to leave no trace behind is probably e reason why few are aware of e existence of responsible cat feeders & dog owners? e irony....

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