September 24, 2006


continuing coverage at &, & e webpage of e Council for Democratic Reform under e Constitutional Monarchy. & Thaksin's wife is still in Bangkok, according to news reports?

excerpt from Bangkok Post coverage of anti-coup protest at Siam Centre:

'But gagging the public is not a smart way out,' said Sombat Boongarnanong, whose website,, has been banned due to its criticism of the coup. Mr Sombat is among members of the Sept 19 Network against the Coup d'etat, comprising university scholars, students, social advocates and business operators.

is he MAG's Sombat (Boongamanong)....? which should not be a surprise, given that MAG was started to educate people about democracy in e wake of e 1991 military coup d'etat by Sunthorn? will there be any change in MAG's focus? 7(?) of e 20(?) protestors were said to have been arrested, though if true such news might not make it past media censorship?

speaking of MAG, someone from A.W.E.! 2004 touched down in Bangkok on Wednesday, of all days....but e only inconvenience encountered was that moneychangers were closed for e 'last minute notice' public holiday =P

this is just so Thai....Future looks bright after the coup, say astrologers (Bangkok Post 230906). excerpts:

Thailand will enjoy a brighter future and greater political stability in the aftermath of the coup while ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra will have to take refuge overseas for a long time, astrologers say. Speaking for the first time after Tuesday night's coup, leading fortune-tellers shared optimistic views about the destiny of the country under the military junta.

Kitti Chaikijpinyo, of the Astrological Association, said from now on Thailand will enjoy substantial political and economic development because Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter have been moving into the right position, which would bring luck to the country.

Regarding the future of the ousted premier, he said, Mr Thaksin would not return to the political arena again.

'His zodiac can't get along with the country's star
,' said Mr Kitti. 'If he manages to make a comeback, he will be jolted by a similar crisis.'

The abrupt change of the political situation might be influenced by the recent demotion of Pluto's status from a planet to a dwarf planet, he [another astrologer] said.

cat *roll eyes* & *twirl whiskers*....

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