September 29, 2006

240906 family day

hilarious family day =)

when man-maid answers e phone with 'WAH LAU', you know he's overslept AGAIN....& he wasn't e only who overslept AGAIN - so did tuition teacher! no idea how e family ended up hiring these two jokers. whale papa had to make a trip back to KE7 to pick up e baby (who had been waiting for man-maid pickup service for more than half an hour) in e whalemobile, while cat mama chope-d seats for 6 (expecting new mama replacement to turn up) at West Coast Park McD's.

& lau maid you best....choose West Coast Park, when e cat lives just opposite EAST Coast Park....anyway e cat had a cute but not very obedient beagle at e next table for company while waiting - poor guy had to sit on e floor while e cat lounged in a chair =) somehow everyone managed to arrive before breakfast menu hours were over, & e family managed to have a big fat breakfast together + flashlight consultation + much laughter over 'ultimatums' of e marital sort ;)

baby & whale's long overdue birthday gifts:


baby's gift chosen so that she can make full use of her earlier (few years ago) gift from whale papa - a bib =P

on 130906 man-maid & cat mama sat down by e Taka fountain to eat cheapo fish from e Cold Storage sushi counter after their Kinokuniya expedition. halfway through e meal, e cat decided to take a photo of e books. & man-maid had a sudden brainwave....


this is what you get with e man-maid + cat mama combination of strange brains....original idea for bigfatwhale's gift was a Hello Kitty bolster, cos he wants to be a HUG DISPENSER....back then still no mama replacement, so we thought that a bolster would do =P

baby shall lend her gift to bigfatwhale for TEN weeks, & then to lau duck for e following TEN weeks, & finally to baby-in-law for another TEN weeks, & we'll have 3 Hello Kitties in e family =))

spiderweb - big fat reason why West Coast Park was chosen:

but it was a disappointment to e cat - how come got metal frame one? & so short? & gaps between e ropes small enough to trap bigfatwhale. no kick....Pasir Ris Park's spiderweb wins paws down!

lau duck tried to take photos of e rest of e family at e top of e spiderweb. but cat mama's camera hates him, so there are no photos of man-maid hanging upside down from e metal bars or of a bigfatwhale trapped in a non-fishing net. it perfers lau baby instead, who managed to take these:


how come lau duck looks biggerfatter than bigfatwhale? 3 of us had descended to a lower height so that lau duck could join us....we still remember his quacks of 'bu yaaaao....bu yeeeeeooooww!' (不要/don't want) at e top of MacRitchie Jelutong Tower =P

back to Katong Settler's Cafe, where once again lau duck demonstrated his skills at abstract art in Pictionary:

P9240407-10a-march & safety net

[L] 'march' - e 3-line 'wave' emerging from e rectangle at top right is supposed to mean 'flip calendar 3 times'....! [R] 'safety net'


[top] 'caffeine' by baby [bottom] 'cheap' - where e cat interpreted e speech balloon at bottom right as 讲鸟话 instead of 'cheep' =P

3 samples from lau duck's 'parallel lines' collection:

P9240407-10-wq parallel lines

new mama replacement finally joined e family after lau baby called her 'mummy' over e phone *lol* & 3 girls whacked e 3 guys at Taboo =)) adjourned to Parkway Parade Banquet food court for dinner. when whale papa left e table to get drinks, mama replacement asked us, 'does he eat a lot?', & we all auto-assumed she was talking about e bigfatwhale, when she was referring to lau duck instead *lol*

also discovered that whale papa had no originality in his search for a mama replacement but has full faith in man-maid's 'selection criteria' mama replacement & Miz Chan share e same birthdate (freakish thing is, baby-in-law & new papa replacement have birthdays 6 days apart) + are from e same JC + both are poly grads too! so now man-maid can provide whale papa with an annual gf-birthday-reminder-service (by SMS alert? =P) & they can DIY birthday gifts together *grin*

so now, e family's task is to find a PLMM born on 25th April 1982 for lau duck? ;)

see man-maid's version of events & lau baby's version

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