September 16, 2006

sep 06 - 01

[020906] Pig-pig transits through Narita:


Tokyo Walker magazine + matcha (green tea) Pocky + banana custard Poare Pocky + kurogoma (black sesame) Pocky + matcha KitKat + fruit parfait KitKat + kurogoma yatsuhashi + kurogoma mochi =)

kurogoma yatsuhashi:


yatsuhashi is a confection Kyoto is famous for - soft thin squares of cinnamon-flavoured riceflour dough folded into triangles enclosing a sweet bean paste filling. more traditional flavours include matcha, sakura, peach, sweet potato, persimmon, taro & chestnut, while flavours like strawberry & banana chocolate have popped up to cater to kids buying them back as souvenirs from school trips.

it lasts only about a week, so during its 2005 Kyoto trip, e cat bought a box at 6+AM in e morning in Kyoto station just before catching e train to Kansai International Airport for its flight back to Changi. but when it woke e next morning ~8 hours after reaching home, there was nothing left. & e cat's mum was looking very satisfied....=P so this time Pig-pig brought back a box to let her Cat-cat have a chance to eat a WHOLE yatsuhashi....previously it had only nibbled on tiny sample bits in souvenir stores along Ginkakuji-michi =)

if Japanese ran e duty free stores in Changi Airport, they would be called 'Jialat'?


anyone going to Kansai? e cat would like a box or two (or three =P) of this:


Uji matcha mellow chocolate =)) found it for 420 yen along Teramachi shopping arcade in Kyoto.

[020906] Teachers' Day celebration:


have learnt so much from Xue laoshi, & not just about wushu. like her attitude towards life, how curious she can be about all sorts of things & e interesting observations she makes, & how she believes in developing e confidence, self-belief & self-awareness of every student....wushu not as an end in itself, but as a means of building character that serves as a foundation for just about everything in life =)

this was also Liu laoshi's second training with us after coming over from Beijing to begin a new life here as a wushu teacher. interesting to watch Xue laoshi passing on her experience to someone taking her first steps in a similar journey she made 12++ years ago. think she was really inspired by this surprise gathering of Xue laoshi's students, especially e presence of so many in their 20s who started training with Xue laoshi as tiny primary school kids (in YT's case, as a 5-year-old!) & are now working/undergrad/postgrad/helping her teach wushu. perhaps 12++ years from now, Liu laoshi's current primary school students will celebrate Teachers' Day for her just like this? =)

[date forgotten] new graduate student joined e lab a month or two back. today she made an amazing discovery - that e cat is a local. all this while she has been thinking that e cat 'have[sic] some Chinese blood & can speak Mandarin', who as a 4th year grad student 'have spend[sic] many years in Singapore to learn Singlish', & is 'maybe Malaysian' because e spelling of e cat's name 'is not like the Indonesian or Thai Chinese', 'but not Singaporean cos you don't look or sound local'. *miao*? *mrreoww*? *purrrrr*?

but this one is fast, quicker than some local colleagues, cleaners & security guards =P others took as long as more than a year to realise that e cat is a local longkang ngeow, albeit born in & imported from bagpipe-land as a kitten.

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