September 09, 2006

aug 06 - 03

[200806] last day of wushu nationals at Toa Payoh with e baby, tuition teacher, whale papa & potential mama replacement *grin* jet-lagged man-maid woke up at 6PM when everything was long over =P trying to break cat kooning record? try once woke up at 8PM ;)

deng4 zi3 from traditional short weapons event, men's open category:


wonder where he got his wooden stool from? Chinese teahouse? antique store?

group weapons event:


one member of this team from Kuen Culture injured herself just before e event, leaving them with one less than e minimum no. of 6 participants:


despite e automatic disqualification, they were eventually allowed to perform for e audience & show off their hard work & costumes. reminder to all what e spirit of sportsmanship is about =)

highlight of e day for e cat: 3 changsuijian routines - one beautiful one by LC from Koon San, one so-so one, & one done by a guy(!) =P

[200806] zaru soba - no crushed ice, so ice cubes will do =P


[220806] e cat has lived for 10,000 days =)


leftover from April's FRET workshop, courtesy of an instructor from e Netherlands. no one seems to be eating them, so e cat has started dissolving them in hot milo, malt tea & horlicks for a minty taste =))

[230806] from Film & Feeling, a post on The Storyteller, a blog by Malaysian film maker Yasmin Ahmad that e cat reads regularly:

In two of Kobayashi Issa’s haiku, centred on the humble spider, we are able to observe emotions far bigger than just about spiders.

“a broken web –
a refugee spider is still
looking for a home”

“don’t worry, spider
I keep house

Perhaps it’s just me, but in these haiku, I found deep compassion. Far from being afraid of spiders, the haiku master clearly cared for them.

And caring about something or someone lesser than you is a powerful statement about humanity.

Therein lies the genius of haiku. In just a few words, a writer is able to convey a feeling which could very well save Mankind, seeing the way the world is heading these days.

think e second haiku referred to is:

sumi no kumo anjina susu wa toranu zoyo
corner spider/rest easy, my soot-broom/is idle
- 小林一茶 Kobayashi Issa, 1821

this post was also published on 190806 in e New Straits Times.

one more of Issa's haiku:

nora neko ga hotoke no hiza wo makura kana
e stray cat/makes Buddha's lap/her pillow

[230806] from this post by Kim-Xin-Bon-Chang:

So what is the charm of the cat? Is it their loftiness, subtlety in expressing themselves, arrogance, non-dependency (but not totally) on human company, feline grace, soft mews and purrs etc? They are for me, at least. It grows on you. You need to win their love. You have to work for it. I don’t need to feel that I am the one in control all the time. You do your thing and I do mine and when the planets come into alignment every so often, the cat will be beside/on top of/near you, keeping you company with no words spoken and with just that gentle look in their eyes. I tell you. That is the best feeling ever. It’s like falling in love all over again. Every single day.

Some of the best times I had spent with them are when I come back home late from work. The Wife is sleeping already and the house is deadly quiet and dark. I open the door and 5 pairs of shiny eyes greet me. They come twirl around my feet quietly, sometimes with a few soft mews. And when I settle down onto the sofa/floor/whatever, they will be crowding around me. Chang Chang/Xin Xin will be on my lap while Kim Kim will be seeking head bangs. Bon Bon will timidly try to sneak in for a pet here and there while Yuan Yuan will be seated a metre or so away observing. I can feel my tiredness going away even though I have been working for more than 18 hours. I can feel my blood pressure dropping as I gently stroke them. It’s heavenly. No words spoken and no loud barks. I think it reaffirms the connection I have with them. Within 15 minutes, they will go do their own thing. Only Xin Xin and Chang Chang will be near me. And I am fine with that. It’s good to know they love you but they also give you your own space, your privacy. It’s great. A perfect match.

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