September 12, 2006

aug 06 - 04

[240806] big fat 10-Q to e Japanese-literate LKB for 'resourcefully acquiring' e entire Tokyo Love Story OST through 'online means', just cos e silly Japanese-illiterate cat doesn't know e names of e 2 tracks it likes (turned out to be Good Evening Heartache & Alone in e Street).

[270806] porkchops at Buona Vista Circle Line MRT construction site:


cute!! =P to find one more of e piggies, cross Commonwealth Ave to get to another section of e railway tracks & hunt for a wooden sign near e heavy vehicle carpark.

[270806] walking past MOE building at night, suddenly realised e meaning behind e '7-Up Fido Dido sculpture' standing in front of it....

remember 西游记 Journey to e West? where Sun Wukong e Monkey King created havoc in heaven, defeated celestial troops, 二郎神 Erlang Shen (e pagoda-wielding deity with three eyes) & Nezha & survived all attempts to destroy him? & how Wukong was finally subdued when e Jade Emperor asked e Buddha for help, & e latter imprisoned him for 500 years under a mountain in his palm?

& so we have this sculpture designed by a student that (unintentionally?) symbolises us monkeys' dream of breaking free from e education system =P

[290806] fruit parfait KitKat:


nicer than e lipgloss-taste-alike Sakura flavour version =P

when you spend more hours per day at work than at home - cat mess:


[1] filesfilesfiles (despite printing 2 pages per side + double side) [2] Honey Bunches of Oats [3] genetic code & amino acid abbreviation tables & conversion factors & formulae + postcards from colleagues [4] papers + logbook + notebooks [5] black with white pawprint design bedroom slippers + blue 100 yen (SGD1.50) bedroom slippers [6] CDRs [7] glass microscope slides + timer + most powerful permanent marker + cat food dish + cat water dish [8] calendars [9] udon + microscope slide box [10] NEB 1kb DNA ladder & BIORAD Precision Plus protein ladder diagrams + green tea ice cream cup covers

not in picture: spare OSRAM 8V 20W microscope light bulbs for Zeiss Stemi 2000-C + spare multi-plug adaptor + CDR 'albums' + dishwashing liquid + QIAGEN & Stratagene & PIERCE Endogen product catalogs (for raising height of LCD monitor =P) + yuzu ice cream cup cover + 100bp DNA ladder diagram + assorted stationery + teddy bear from colleague used as stationery holder + more slide boxes + more papers + a lot more food + a lot lot more files.

which is why e cat was totally amazed at e sight of bigfatwhale's workstation in his former lab....he swallowed everything except monitor + CPU + laptop?

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