September 26, 2006

H E L P ! !

[090506] saw this letter in e Voices section of today's edition of TODAY this morning - not a good way for a straycat to start e day =|

Otterman: Police need to act on animal abusers - letters

Working with e Cat Welfare Society: Another cat at risk?

it is a big fat mean world out there....

[280606 update] saw this yesterday: another abused kitten

& now this: Bedok cat killer strikes again

[270706 update] will there ever be an end to all this?

Sims Drive butchered kitten - part 1, part 2

[040806 update] yet again: Old Airport Road cat murderer

[140806 update] Old Airport Road cat murderer caught

[210806 update] more cats killed [060906 update] Jurong East cat murders

[280806 update] dart thrown in eye & scalded by hot oil

[060906] kitten thrown to death from Hougang Blk 241

[260906] kitty kick & click - one man films another luring a cat, kicking it like a football sending it flying through e air, & then giving e thumbs up saying that he feels 'good': background, TNP article part 1, part 2, part 3, do you know this man?

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