May 20, 2006

may 06 - part 2

[060506] In A Land Before Time by Sun Yu-li @ Arts House lawn:


at night, e 'fish' sculpture comes alive with blue lighting from within, such that e fish look at you with blue eyes as they swim on a glowing blue wave =)

floor art:


e palm tree that will never sway in e wind:



Singapore Gaga by Tan Pin Pin:


e 'uncle-aunty-xiaodi-xiaomei gen1 wo3 mai3 ti-ssue pa-per hao3 dollar' song | madrasah's sports day at a stadium, with cheering similar to that at any other government school's sports day save for e difference in language | Margaret Leng Tan's performance of 4"33' at a HDB void (null & void? devoid of what?) deck | Victor Khoo & Charlie | e familiar voices behind e 厦语新闻 (news in Hokkien), 潮语新闻 (news in Teochew), 粤语新闻 (news in Cantonese), 客语新闻 (news in Hakka), 琼语新闻 (news in Hainanese) & news in Hockchew on FM95.8 that e cat's dad sometimes listens to in e evenings | e voice behind e MRT announcements in English, who mentioned how her RGS principal insisted on girls speaking perfect Queen's English *LOL* some things about RGS principals NEVER change =P | Yew Hong Chow & Alex Abisheganaden on e harmonica vs recorder as e instrument of choice for music lessons in Singaopore schools, & Alex demonstrating e 'screeching' problem many many Singaporeans have had when trying to hit e low C on e recorder in their primary school days |

yawningbread's review of Singapore Gaga

Woffles Wu was in e audience, & e cat finally realised who he reminds it of everytime it sees his photo in newspapers & magazines - e super nice A/P Pan Shen Quan who taught e BL3000 module (host-pathogen interaction) that e blur freshman cat stumbled through with help from 2 poly grads (who says JC students are better?), & who was one of e cat's two examiners for its non-TDSC/SP2174 UROPS project =P


to e airport see e baby off to UK....finally got to sit down for a proper meet-e-parents session, albeit missing e man-maid who had to aeroplane baby just as she was about to fly off herself *LOL* whale papa, tuition teacher & cat mama sat across e table from baby & baby-in-law - maciam interview/interrogation panel ;)

on e way home after dinner @ airport T1 Ajisen ramen, lightning flashed across e skies - not a good omen for e election results? ;) later that night had to rely on whale MSN messages, CNA online & noise from neighbours for updates on e results. when e whole neighbourhood yelled & cheered a la world cup finals, e cat thought that e results for its constituency had been announced....turns out that they were cheering for CST's victory in Potong Pasir *grin*

[070506] they took away e sun & e moon from e cat's window & left it with this view of a big fat 'human tank' (as opposed to fish tank) in e making:


[110506] from e Netherlands, courtesy of Bert van Geest of Lambert Instruments who flew in for e FRET workshop - so yummy everything was eaten before it could be photographed ;)


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